All about Rack247

Company information

The webshop is part of Penn Elcom GmbH. This webshop is targeted towards selling 19 inch hardware, like server cabinets, patch cabinets and rack panels, and all relevant accessories.

All items sold in the webshop are manufactured or carefully selected by the Penn Elcom Group. This enterprise develops and manufactures high-quality 19 inch hardware in-house. The Penn Elcom Group has sales departments all over the globe and production facilities in China and Great Britain.

The webshop is the second exclusive online store, run by the Penn Elcom Group, targeted to private customers as well as enterprises. The first online store by Penn Elcom Group originated in 2002 in the Netherlands under the name After enabling this shop for several different countries within Europe ( and the decision has been made to continue selling parts exclusively from Penn Elcom, in all of Europe under one single name:

Sustainable relations

The main goal and principle for Rack247 and also Penn Elcom GmbH is growth and development based on sustainable relationships with customers as well as suppliers.

Only items selected by and available from Penn Elcom Group will be sold in the webshop This guarantees customers the continuity and durability that they are accustomed to. Not only for now, but also in the future!